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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Dog poo

Do you have a dog?

Dogs are cute and cuddly but once they do their business it changes.
The one thing that you hate about dogs is their poop - they just do it wherever they feel like it. Why can't they just learn to go to the toilet.

You hate stepping in dog poop because you just got new shoes and squish.
Darn you DOG!

Then when you know it it's 6:00am, you suddenly flash open your eyes as your dog wants to go outside. You can just hear the snoring from the other rooms. You get up and open the door and bang! The dog races to the backyard. You think the dog is chasing a cat or something, but nope...plop plop plop.

You ask your Dad to pick the dog poop up already, he says he will do it tomorrow.
“Mum, can we teach the dog to go toilet?” “Sure, sure”

You watch the dog do the business.

The next afternoon it's a lovely sunny beautiful day and your playing outside, then the dog comes...WHY? WHY!

Ewwww ewwww!

Why did you have to poop in the middle of the backyard...gross.

Do you really want a dog?

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