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Monday, 26 June 2017

Week 5 Science

Flight vs Gliding
This week we explored flight & gliding
Gliding is an uncontrolled movement for example where you don't move your wings. Flying is a controlled movement where you are moving your wings to help you fly. We have also been learning about manmade and natural flying things. Manmade is where someone has built something on their own. Natural flying things are not built by man but still use thrust, weight, lift, and drag.

I've wondered how long birds can live for? I also wondered when they are gliding or flying do their muscles change in their body?

 I hope that I can learn more about gliding & flying.

We are trying to get some data so we can know more about birds and how they fly and glide. I will continue to gather and infer information using my planning book.
How we are going to get and gather data. We will get information and then write it down in our planning books. We want to gather enough information so that we know more about the forces than we did before.

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