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Wednesday, 14 June 2017



When we got to the cold damp Wainui Camp we dropped off our bags at our cabins.

Camp was fun but once it was bed time it was carnage! You couldn't sleep - you had to go to sleep fast or you would pay because you would keep the teachers up and they wouldn't like that.

On the first night almost everyone in our cabin was scared because someone in our cabin was telling scary stories. But the funny thing was that he was scaring himself. He might do it a lot at home because he said the scary stories 5 times, 5 times. OK not going to say it again.

After the first night I said to myself I'm really tired. Ah I know why I'm tired, because of that guy that was telling the scary stories. The next morning everyone was yelling at him for the carnage in our cabin. I said to myself I really need a good night sleep.

That night we got some sleep and in the morning I was fast asleep. When I heard banging near me I woke up. “Hey wake, Sam,” said Samuel.
“Ok I'm up,” I said sleepily. Everyone had packed their bags and they were ready to go to the hall.  I'm like “What the?”
“Come on, pack your bags Sam’” said Samuel.
“Ok, ok. Let's start then.”
About 1hour later “Ok I'm ready. Now let's go to the hall.”
Everyone got into the photo and click.

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