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Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Week 4 trebuchet 
This week I've been learning all about this new Machine that called the trebuchet it is a catapult that fires a tennis ball. My data gathering is so we had a weight of 4 and then we kept putting more weight in counterweight. The most that I got in my planning book was 19 weights. The projectile was a tennis balls why you must be asking yourself because we only had a tennis ball for the trebuchet. My distance was 8.2m/ 11.8m/15.6m/18.0m/15.3m/22.2m/21.3m/22.0m/30.5m/32.0m/17.6m/ 
When we put more weight in the trebuchet the ball went higher and further . I was wondering to myself wondering to myself why is that happening but now I've found out why that happened because we put more weight in the counter weight. Maybe back in the days that they used the trebuchet and put more weight in the counterweight so that when their enemy was charging at them, the big boulder crushed them. Why you would have to do all that hard work to just fire one boulder?

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