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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Inquiry project

At The start of the term my learning was multi-structural because I walked passed rubbish and picked it up,  I gave people help if they were hurt,  if I found something I put it in the lost property and if I made a mess I would clean it up.

Now my learning is extended abstract because if I use it I bring it back, if I find someone's property I give it to them, of I turn something on I turn it off when I'm done. If I make a mess I clean it up. It's really good because you look after everyone and yourself you look after the environment.

This term it show that I'm a responsible citizen because I pick up rubbish and clean up what I did and give back someone's hat or jumper. I give people advices what they could improve on their work. I also check on people if they’re hurt.

The canteen project helps people to be a responsible citizen because at the canteen we won't use glad wrap and stuff that's bad for the environment. So our project is good because it's stopping rubbish going into our school.

The challenges were hard because we had to do it again but it won't let us delete it so we had to keep doing it. Overall I think it's a great idea for the school because kids eat healthy food and kids become more of a responsible citizen and they would look after the lunch space.


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